Electric Wave Bureau is a music supervision company dedicated to creating, composing or sourcing the finest music, sonics known to Man, covering wide areas such as TV scores, film, soundtracks, radio, play lists, online, gaming, advertising, promotional material and more…. Electric Wave Bureau work closely with the best and most diverse artists, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, we know what you’re doing!

From warm rich, lolloping African dub soundtracks, to sunburnt Morricone-esqe epic dust-ups, meditative drones, 20’s Chamber-folk, 50’s Big Band, cold & glacial minimalist icebergs, upbeat finger-snapping funeral fugues, some tasteless Kenny G-type sax work, zeitgeist-ish pop-art splashes, pipe n’ slippers dog-walking jazz naps, dark and heady opiumated lounge-core, Columbian drug-trafficking car-chase cantatas, atonal motorik Krautrock vehicles, G-krunk minuets, Congolese mash-ups Hillbilly Flapjack recitals, solid Pop adagios, ambidextrous rhythmic conundrums…. Doorstep, jam jar, crowded house, lapdance, gay bar….we can track, trace, compose or create it all….strapping you into the heart of the sonic picture.